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Your Letters

15:25 UK time, Friday, 21 December 2012

Did anyone notice that today's PM was a bit earlier than usual? Perhaps trying to fit one in before something happening after 11 am?
Anthony, Berlin, Germany

10 things: Kirsty Alsopp doesn't have an "off" switch. (No 17). Now I wish the Maya had been right.
Rik Alewijnse, Feering, UK

Dear Lara (Thursday's letters) please chill my dear. The train companies are already paid by Metro to agree distribute their rag on every station in the capital. However, in my station, only the up line has a distribution. Commuters on the down line can only read the ones I leave on the train. Anyway, I will take my rag when SouthEastern trains manages to run my train on time for a whole week. I think I am safe.
Adrian, London/UK

Is everyone still here? Sorry if you felt a bit of a bump. The temporal discontinuity that would have had the Southern hemisphere running half a second behind the Northern hemisphere caused a bit of a jolt when I shorted it out. The real trick was materialising at both poles at the same time. May be one or two side-effects; cheese turning back into milk, Big Ben striking six and three quarters, mayors of London not speaking in tongues, etc. But that should clear up in the next few centuries.
The Doctor, The Vortex

Dear Commuter,
Please disregard grumpy "Disgusted of London" and their uncharitable complaint. I remain eternally grateful for the spare newspapers I find on tube seats when I am without other reading material, and if your leaving a newspaper behind helps improve the employment rate too, well, bravo you! Please keep "sharing".
Yours thankfully.
Rowena, Kew

Re Tom Webb (Thursday's letters) I'd be even more delighted than you are if the whole saga was called 'gate-gate'.
Brendan, London

Tom Webb makes a very good point. So should we actually call it "plebgategate"?
Dick Hobbs, Tunbridge Wells

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