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15:42 UK time, Monday, 9 April 2012

Although it's a myth that dying in Parliament is illegal, spare a thought for your local pharmacist. If he or she dies mid shift, then they have committed an illegal act! To function, a pharmacy must have in place a "Responsible Pharmacist". That person must sign in at the start of their shift and sign out at the end. Failure to do so is a criminal act. It's a moot point as to whether the crime is committed at the moment of death, or when the lifeless body is removed from the premises but pity the poor pharmacist at The Pearly Gates expecting to hear they've led an impeccable life only to discover they now have a criminal record!
Dave Moore, Par, Cornwall

Poetry in motion?
Henri, Sidcup

Margery Hallesey , being also surrounded by water, and prone to drought, here in Vic, we're constructing a desalination plant. However, even in the middle of a drought, people can get surprisingly stroppy about desalination plants. I advise you to enjoy the lack of desal.-bickering while you can! Happy Easter.
The Baroness, Victoria, Australia

Quote of the Day about Carla Bruni re wig: no-one recognises me without a wig on, not that I need one having a full head of hair anyway,so putting one on would be a bit futile. Who's Carla Bruni anyway?Just get a ''toupee and be on my way''
Tim McMahon, Martos, Wales

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