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17:38 UK time, Thursday, 5 April 2012

Am I the only one who doesn't like the seemingly endless progression from this to this? Please stop it BBC, I like my dinosaurs scary, not cuddly!
Rob, London, Uk

The White Star line did produce a sales leaflet where the words 'the Unsinkable Titanic' are part of the promotion. As far as I know there are only two copies and I have one of them. Roger, Bookham UK

Nicola Poole, manager for water resources access and allocation at the agency, nominative determinism.
Ray Moss, Claygate UK

Following an apparent increase in nominative determinism I've decided to change my name.
Olly Luxuryhoteltester, London

Good to see nominative determinism alive and well at Edinburgh Zoo. Ian Valentine talking about pandas' love life!
Margaret, Christchurch, NZ

Wait, so if they make water more expensive, what would we drink then? I mean, it's not like we can drink beer instead, as that's got a minimum price, too...
MK, Stockport

I was interested to read the article on hosepipe bans. However, one question never seems to arise which is, why, when we are surrounded by water, does no-one think of building de-salination units around our coasts as do the Gulf States?
Margery Hallesey

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