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17:03 UK time, Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Are these scientists sure they didn't just find an old draught-excluder?
David Richerby, Liverpool, UK

Was it really a big snake or just something else?
Ralph, Cumbria

With a headline like "Dutch boy tries to save the euro" it was always going to be disappointing to discover that the plan didn't involve standing with his finger in a leaking dyke.
Edward Green, London, UK

I see the Met Office has issued a yellow warning for snow. As a child, I was often advised about the perils of yellow snow - especially eating it - although I'm not sure it ever warranted the Met Office getting involved.
Lee Heyes, Swindon, UK

After this and this can we urge people to be more careful about how they handle soft toys please?
Basil Long, Nottingham

It's quite right that this appalling app has been banned. I mean, just look at that punctuation! There's no way there should be a comma after "see".
Sue, London

I am spotting with alarming and increasing regularity the inability to spell queueing correctly... since when did the word lose an "e"? I propose we start a queue watch. I'll get in line...
Claire, Nottingham

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