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17:05 UK time, Monday, 2 April 2012

So glad that the boffins have got this sorted - Dead stars 'to guide spacecraft'. I'd hate to get lost and I don't think my SatNav is up to it.
Graham, Hayle, Cornwall

I agree about the merits of chocolate! Once rationing ended in 1953,I ALWAYS had chocolate in my bag.I remained at 9st (5ft6ins). Then when I was 50 I was suddenly afflicted with arthritis in my spine,and I read somewhere that chcolate was bad for arthritis,so I greatly reduced how much I ate.I piled on weight,and the arthritis has worsened ever since. I am almost 77 now,so perhaps Iwill indulge myself again.I do realise that not being able to exercise so much will have caused weight increase, but I do try to remain active.
Pat Vallack, Barnard Castle UK

PollySaxon - while I acknowledge that yes, we are all going to die, I do hope that your letter isn't representative of your bedside manner. Still, it should help with the waiting times, nothing like a spot of despair to clear a few beds...
Tracey Wells, Newark, Notts

Thanks Ian - now I'm being forced to read the '10 Things' forever more in the form of a haiku.
Rachel, Wayzata

Perhaps I'm just getting more and more cynical (who me?), but whilst queuing to get fuel on Friday, I pondered the increasingly ludicrous fuel situation.
a) talk of us potentially returning to recession mid week last week.
b) a cabinet minister advises the public to top up their cars and store fuel (whilst advising them not to panic, of course);
c) hoards of people rush out and panic buy fuel;
d) record sales of fuel reported consistently over several days - with (of course) record levels of fuel duty being paid.
e) the end of the financial year and the end of the first quarter of 2012 approaches.
Hmmm...surely not?
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

10 Things, point 1:Has the answer to Quasimodos obsession with campionology been answered with this startling yet barking disclosure?
Tim McMahon, Martos/Spain

Really MM ! Did you think none of us would spot that the picture in this week's 10 things is the same one as used last week ? Particularly after Rusty's comments on Tuesday.
Paul Greggor, London

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