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18:03 UK time, Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ray - I hadn't noticed the bolding myself before, but I think it can lead to poetry, with a little adjustment to order and punctuation.

Here is my poem from this week's Ten Things:

It rains liquid

The UK is
Holding a gun.
Barack Obama knows
The Welsh language.

Noise stunts the
Birds. Take girls
Listening to opera -
Female animals can.
A cat can.
Ian, Burnham, UK

Probably not best to read this one at work... A brief history of breast enlargements.
Tom Webb, Surbiton

This article asks "Where are breast implants most popular?" I'd hazard a guess in the chest area!
AJ, Bristol, S Glos

Headline: "Tank half-full".
Body: "Half-empty"
This says a lot about your sub-editors.
Rob, Birmingham, UK

Just a tad disappointed. I was expecting a bit more bling than this yellow streak of whatever this yellow streak is.
Vicky S, East London

Are ministers even aware of the cost of a full tank of petrol? I put in a small fortune each week but it only amounts to half a tank
J, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Well thank you VERY much, Francis Maud - in best Margo Leadbetter voice. Now the nation's men have the perfect excuse not to mow the grass over the weekend. "If I head off with a jerry can, it'll look like I'm panic-buying, dear..."
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

Thank you Bob for having the courage to point this out, in the midst of all the hype about the Hunger Games. I have been mentioning this out to everyone I know, in the hope that they will watch the (probably vastly superior) Battle Royale.
Heather, Jersey

Bob Gomersall, no it isn't a remake, it is in fact a completely different story and the author claims to have never heard of Battle Royale until after submitting her books to the publisher. The hunger games is a fight to the death between children aged 12-18, 12 girls and 12 boys.
Chookgate, Milton Keynes

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