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16:13 UK time, Friday, 23 March 2012

It looks like questions are going to be asked of the Queen's security detail.
Greta Mackenzie, Miami, US

Re Paper Monitor's match-headlines-with-newspapers test, I thought the Daily Express headline would have something to do with how Princess Diana wouldn't have let this Budget happen.
Craig Williams @BBC Magazine on Facebook

Dear Paper Monitor, your Test Paper brought me out in a cold sweat. You have listed six questions (1-6), but you have two answers to question 1 (a regular font 1 and a bold font 1) and the final answer is (apparently) to question 5. Your answer number 3 is, I'm almost certain, the correct answer to question 4 (I bought The Times to check).
It all rather reminds me of the Maths O Level paper I took way back in 1976. I'm sure you're right and I've failed (again) somehow, but could I ask for a remark, or do I need to re-sit in the summer? I hope I haven't let the class down or ruined your teaching averages.
Richard Martin, Doncaster, UK

I read this headline as "EU slaps a wife". Now that would have been news...
Henri, Sidcup

Dear RG (Thursday Letters), maybe if Mr Stelios Haji-Ioannou adopts the idea, we could have stand-up hairdressers and they could be called Easy (insert witty hair-based pun here). You'd probably have to supply your own scissors and holiday/any plans for the weekend-based polite chit-chat, though
StuKP, Warwickshire

Following his letter of 21/03/2012, may I suggest that Ray Lashley, Independent Guardian of Monitor Weights and Measures, re-designates himself as Ray Lashley, Independent Guardian of Monitor Weights and Measures (US Division)? Meters...
Bear, Purley Guv

Monitor note: Oh dear. A kind soul on Twitter has pointed out that someone is saying something nasty about BBC_magazine on a blog. Should one click on the link to find out?

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