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17:38 UK time, Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Thanks for this article - it reminded me about that hummous that's been at the back of the fridge for three weeks.
Sue, London

Tina of Basingstoke (Monday's letters), even a cursory glance at a certain online encyclopaedia will inform you that Oreos are made by the Nabisco Division of Kraft Foods. They were first produced in New York City in 1912 and since Kraft took over Cadbury, Kraft have been trying to force "milk's favourite cookie" onto the more-than-suspicious British public. I'll get my black trousers and black rollneck jumper. Now where's that box of chocolates that a lady loves?
J. Paul Murdock, Wall Heath, West Midlands, UK

When does a cookie become a biscuit (or vice versa) is an unanswered question I tackled during my university project on Jaffa cakes. Both terms refer to distinctive types of food in American English that do not correspond neatly into British English. As a native speaker of the latter, I'd proffer Oreo becomes a cookie because of its US roots, whereas a digestive will always be a biscuit. Fancy a choccie biccie with your tea, anyone?
RG, Watford, Herts

Saw the headline South-east facing hosepipe ban I immediately went outside to check, but it was all right, our hosepipe faces north.
Betty Butler, Ystradgynlais Wales

Trenton City Council has "an obligation to keep the city running". With no toilet paper, it will probably succeed.
Simon Robinson, Birmingham, UK

Just read the article on wargaming, being a fan of playing and painting various games. It was very interesting. Then I thought I'd read the commments at the bottom...

I'm never leaving the Magazine Monitor Letters column again! If anybody wants me, I'll be hiding under a blanket with a hot chocolate.
Ian, Redditch

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