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Your Letters

17:47 UK time, Thursday, 8 March 2012

Thank you for publishing the article What do you do with a dead whale? Until today, I only knew what to do with a drunken sailor but I now feel able to deal with twice as many unlikely situations as before.
David Richerby, Liverpool, UK

Sarah (Wednesday's letters), I think the new Forth bridge should be called the "William McGonagall" to mark his remarkable contribution to Scottish bridge poetry.
Lewis Graham, Hitchin

"...and was just about to do the apostrophe when I saw the blue lights flashing so obviously I had to quit." Yeah, right.
Sarah , Basel, Switzerland

So this story next to this story amounts to torture by stealth. Thanks Magazine!
James Dawkins, London

Don't worry Suzie (Wednesday's letters), this should shift the Pink Panther Theme tune... Mnah, mnah, doo doo duh doo-doo.
Ian, Redditch

Suzie's problems with the Pink Panther theme tune arise from singing the wrong libretto. She is not the first to fall into that trap. The original and correct wording is, of course; "Dead ant, (rpt)".
David Dee, Matola Mozambique

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