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14:16 UK time, Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Prime Minister's wife Samatha Cameron's has been charming Americans, with her outfits being among the most-talked about aspects of the Cameron US trip. President Obama, himself, was reported to have said, "Very pretty... They look better than us," as Samantha stepped out of the car for a White House dinner.

The Daily Mail can't get enough of the elegant blue gown Mrs Cameron wore for that dinner - and the seemingly co-ordinating dress worn by the First Lady.

The Daily Telegraph, however, is less impressed with a particular aspect of the Prime Minister's dress style - the polo shirt. "What is it with David Cameron and polo shirts?" the paper asks, while pointing out that he was "youthfully" dressed in one during a visit to a baseball game with the US president.

For this rendezvous Obama decided to dress rather like a man who'd lingered too late at the office to get changed before a date. Cameron's look was much less grown-up. Teamed with dark jeans, that polo (dark grey, with the tell-tale boxfresh sheen of a shirt bought especially) did everything a polo does: whilst adult of neckline (the collar) it is young of waistline (a tucked-in polo is a travesty).

Meanwhile, over in New York, another British export is bowling the Americans over. It's the boys from One Direction. The Daily Star reports that the "pop hunks" have been mobbed by US female fans during a tour and have been advised by "minders" to stay indoors.

But at the hotel the atmosphere was equally feverish, with some fans crying and shaking. One witness said: "They were banging on the windows and managers were worried they would smash the glass." When the band arrived in New York road signs were vandalised and girls hung from lamp-posts to get close to their heroes.

Speaking of young men in demand, the Daily Express, picking up on comments made by Prince Harry this week that the life of a prince can be a lonely one at times, lines up some potential lady friends for him. It features what the paper describes as "Europe's most eligible and beautiful aristocrats and party girls"

Among those featured are Charlotte Casiraghi, fourth in line to the throne of Monaco, British model Lily Cole, the triple-barrelled Gabriella Anstruther-Gough-Calthrope, who, as the paper points out, "If Harry took her down the aisle she would be the first member of the Royal Family ever to have appeared in Doctor Who - under her stage name Gabriella Wilde."

Paper Monitor wouldn't envy the person who would have to marry these two. Who wouldn't trip up with the following:

His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales and Gabriella Zanna Vanessa Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe.

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