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11:07 UK time, Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Fashion has long been a favourite for Fleet Street fodder, but Paper Monitor can't help but notice that today's papers seem to be awash with style critics.

"Sophie's dish of the day... With feathers," says the Daily Mail, which awards the Countess of Wessex the prize for her "hat-trick" at a service for Commonwealth Day.

"From one angle it looks like she's got a satellite dish attached to her head. From the other the hat mimics a bird displaying its feathers in an extravagant courtship ritual," it muses.

The Daily Telegraph agrees that Sophie stole the show. "Hats off to the Countess," it declares.

In other style circles, the Daily Mail reports that Hollywood actress Joan Collins has been handing out some fashion advice.

"Over-40s shouldn't wear jeans (except me)" is its headline, which goes on to say the actress, 78, thinks jeans just makes everyone look the same.

"One of the things about being glamorous is that you have to find your own look," it quotes her as saying - next to a picture of her in a jeans and leather boots last year.

Meanwhile the Daily Express reveals age is just a number in the Queen's choice of new stylist.

"So Kate, does one look good in this?" it asks, saying the Queen has asked the Duchess of Cambridge for advice after becoming a fan of her taste for classic styles.

It reports the Monarch, 85, is to meet the Duchess of Cambridge, 30, and the Duchess of Cornwall to co-ordinate outfits for official Diamond Jubilee engagements.

The press is bound to have a field day.

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