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15:04 UK time, Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I just read the headline Terry race trial after Euro finals and thought some of Terry Wogan's sarcasm of Eurovisions past had come back to haunt him.
Michael, Edinburgh, UK

If Menna Pritchard thinks there's no risk to her two-year old daughter from climbing a cliff with no helmet on, why is she wearing a helmet herself?
Tim, London

In this story, where is Drunk Girl and what is that photo anyway?
Graham, Hayle, Cornwall

Synch the Bismarck!
Henderson Grigg, London, UK

In The Bathers at Asnieres and its modern Olympic reinterpretation, why are there more hats than people?
HB, London

I suspect Lewis Graham (Tuesday's letters) was just trying to wind me up, but the bus is a measure of length or height, not volume. For volumes we use Olympic swimming pools, which I estimate would only be filled about 16 chews deep with £1m worth of genuine "penny" chews (assuming they haven't been shrunk to keep the price down). Perhaps the most appropriate comparative measure would be the three international football pitches they would cover.

As a slightly concerning aside, in researching this, I have discovered a large number of people called Penny Chew on a well known social networking site, but none give their occupation as "confectioner".
Ray Lashley (Guardian of Monitor Weights and Measures since 2005), Colchester, UK

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