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12:13 UK time, Wednesday, 1 February 2012

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Everyone loves a politician slipping up. The press enjoys it even more when it's a woman stumbling on her way to see the prime minister because of her fancy shoes.

Theresa May, famous for kitten heels, "became the latest victim of Downing Street's uneven surface", explained the Times, after the Home Secretary's heel got stuck in a groove between the paving stones.

A photographer lay in wait of course. This after all is one of the most perilous catwalks in the world for slip-ups, whether ambulatory, or involving private documents.

The Times' picture montage showed how one of Mrs May's feet advanced while the other stayed resolutely put. In the end she was forced to press the ejector button by kneeling and disengaging foot from shoe.

The montage helpfully showed two other recent victims of the treacherous Downing Street pavement - Gabby Bertin, the prime minister's press secretary, who snapped a Christian Louboutin heel, and Labour MP Hazel Blears who was also forced to stop and take off her pointy heeled shoe.

Rather uncannily the Daily Telegraph had the tale of another woman's very public stumble.

This time it was an actress treading the boards of the Royal Shakespeare Company's Stratford HQ. The unfortunate Aicha Kossoko fell during a performance of The Taming of the Shrew and fractured her ankle.

Like May she had caught her heel in something. "She was very brave and managed to carry on," an RSC staff member said.

It sounds painful. But the animal world can be much crueller to those who fall over, as a Daily Mail story about the latest zoo "horror" shows.

"The owl and the rather peckish pussycat..." related how a "blundering" barn owl had been devoured by a lion at Colchester Zoo in full view of shocked visitors.

Ash, a nine year-old female, had landed on a ledge in the lion enclosure before losing her footing. It was lights out for the poor owl.

She was clubbed by a lioness's paw before being "swallowed up" by a waiting male. A cautionary tale for any female politicians eying up those Blahniks.

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