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16:17 UK time, Friday, 20 January 2012

Great bit of nominative determinism: "Hong Kong-based investment firm led by Asian billionaire Li Ka-shing."
Paul, Abingdon, UK

No wonder my old Phonogram won't play vinyl any more, Paper Monitor! It only works on circular records.
Sara , Napanee, Canada

Funnily enough Rob (Thursday's letters), if you ever go to Milton Keynes you'd be forgiven for thinking you're in the US. It's basically a large retail park, built on the grid system and designed for traffic with not a pedestrian in sight. They've even got those traffic lights that hang down over the middle of the road from a wire and everything. I wouldn't be surprised if they soon start driving on the right.
Clare, Aylesbury, UK

I whole-heartedly agree with the correspondence regarding trouser sizes (Wednesday's and Thursday's letters). The market that trouser makers are producing for seems to be shrinking. I take a 30" waist and catalogues start at 32". And even though I am skinny could I please have some room in the leg? When I kneel down I cut the circulation off at the knee!
J. Paul Murdock, Wall Heath, West Midlands, UK

Regarding clothes sizes, I found that shirts are now predominantly "modern fit" which means much slimmer than previously for the same given size. That confuses me because I thought that people were getting fatter these days. Or do I have to wait for "post-modern fit"?
Ian, Redmond

May I remind those people that design trousers for our national retail chains that I have got long legs and I am also morbidly obese. Your trousers fit perfectly. Thank you. This elementary knowledge of physiology is most welcome.
Ben Merritt, Sheffield, England

John, (Thursdays letters) yes, that's what I called it too when it tried to land on my bird table and squashed the thing flat. I'll get my coot.
Dave, Cambridge

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