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Your Letters

15:59 UK time, Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sarah, (Tuesday's letters). Let me introduce you to a concept that will change your life as it did mine when a friend told me. There are two types of fun in the world - fun A, and fun B. Fun A is conventional fun, when you're enjoying yourself. Fun B is when you have a terrible day, it's raining, your train is cancelled, the replacement bus breaks down and your umbrella blows away on the walk home. Although having a terrible time, a tiny part of you is thinking 'this will make a great story'. Fun B is the fun you're having seeing your letter published, the fun you had writing it. Fun B is the type of fun that keeps giving.
Louise, Surrey

Martin (Tuesday's belated letters),
I've always found the answer to that one quite obvious. How does the snowplow driver get to work? In his snowplow, of course...
Jimmy, Milton Keynes

Can anybody explain to me how I'm supposed to eat my lunch without reading Wikipedia? I keep missing my mouth with spoonfuls of yoghurt.
Ian, Redditch

In Magdalen Oxford gets rejection letter from student, the reason "Even comedians tend to avoid Oxbridge as a subject" is that many of them were educated there. Don't let the mockney accent fool you.
Andrea, Lancashire

I read this as Les Dawson Fossils Found. Is the most read available in large print?
Simon, Lovely Newark

May I remind those people that design trousers for our national retail chains that as my waistline expands, my legs don't get longer? This elementary knowledge of physiology seems to have escaped them.
Michael Hall, Croydon, UK

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