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18:42 UK time, Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Anyone else ever get "link lost"? At this time of year particularly, the BBC website has so many interesting articles and you read one, seeing a related link at the bottom of the page and you click on that, sometimes going back months or years on the site. Or a side-bar has perhaps an unrelated link and you click on that, and so on and so on. The only quick way to get back "home" is to go to the section links at the top of the page and start all over again. Well, I just thought I'd ask.
JennyT, NY Brit

Re. today's random stat - incredible: I had no idea drug use started so early...
Sue, London

Nominative Determinism raises its head again. "We're not saying that there shouldn't be a test to ensure that people are genuine claimants," said Dave Skull from the mental health group, Mad Pride."
Malcolm, Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom

Radio 4's Today programme is to be thanked for this morning's quite exhaustive examination of Nominative Determinism, with the slight exception that it missed the constructive element previous studies have found in academia, where an appositely-named junior student is often added to make the joke.
Rahere, Smithfield

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