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12:55 UK time, Monday, 19 December 2011

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'Tis the season to be jolly, but most stories in today's papers are more "ho hum" than "ho, ho, ho." But thanks to the Daily Mail photographs from what has been described as the "best television moment of 2011" are reproduced.

For those who missed it, that moment was the one when Bruce Forsyth tried to evict McFly band members from the Strictly stage on Saturday night.

Minutes after McFly drummer Harry Judd was crowned King of the Ballroom, his pals leapt onto the stage to congratulate him. The newspaper suggests that a visibly flustered Sir Bruce, mistaking the lads for troublemakers, tries to bring the show back into order by issuing them with their "marching orders". Picture four shows him shooing them back to their seats, with the caption reprinting a later tweet from one of the band mates: "Ha ha! Baited Bruce".

The paper quotes a friend of Sir Bruce's saying that, ever the pro, he was simply ensuring that the live programme simply ended "at the right moment".

"It was great they came on but he had to get rid of them to make sure it finished on time. He wasn't angry, he was just doing his job."

Over in the Sunwe learn that Sir Bruce had apparently swiped the lads with is cue cards.

McFly singer Danny Jones, recounting the moment, is quoted as saying that an "alarmed" looking Sir Bruce, "must have thought we were streakers".

A word of advice to anyone considering trying to get the better of Bruce. Not for nothing is one of his catchphrases, "I'm in charge".

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