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15:26 UK time, Thursday, 8 September 2011

Re: Could the 2012 Paralympics erase the word 'disability'? And yet the London Underground, the key transport network (and frankly the only feasible one once London's streets are so full of visitors that buses are at a standstill) remains almost entirely inaccessible to people who can't use steps in zones 1 and 2 - and pretty inaccessible outside there. Some of the nearest stations to Olympic sites don't even have wheelchair access and Shepherd's Bush, recently subject to an expensive overhaul, didn't put in the lift as the project was over-budget by that point. In this day and age how is that allowed and how does this make the London games "the most accessible ever"?
Alex, London

Can anyone else spot the problem here? The egineering industry is after "good quality graduates" yet universities are producing sufficient number of "graduates". Maybe simply increasing the *number* of graduates is not the solution after all.
Colin Main, Berkhamsted, UK

Good - will someone now explain this to my wife, who insists I am bad at maths. I can do integration, differentiation, and write neural networks for a living - but because I can't remember what 7x6 is, or subtract 8 from 13 without using my fingers and toes, I'm bad at maths, apparently.
John Bratby, Southampton

I was surprised to see that Pope did not make the list for "10 glass ceilings yet to be shattered". Surely that office has been held by men for much longer than the others mentioned!
KJ, Indianapolis, USA

What did Stonehenge sound like 4,000 years ago? I don't know.
Hyder Pirwany @BBC News Magazine

"The new pictures should lay to rest conspiracy theories that the landings were shot in a Hollywood studio". No, the fact that several thousand people would have had to have been "in on it", and have *all* kept quiet all this time, should have laid rest to the conspiracy theories. Some people just love conspiracy theories, that's all.
John Bratby, Southampton

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