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15:15 UK time, Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I would've kicked him off the plane for having 1 really long weird looking finger.
Simon Love, London

Re: Paper Monitor. "A heart-warming story but the Sun takes it a step further and has compiled a list of beefed-up artists who might be found at the National Grillery, such as Mincent Van Gogh, Rumpbrandt and Meatisse. Paper Monitor's personal favourite? Saveloy Dali. Genius." Please add to this list - Robert Raushenberger.
Simon Love, London

These new words are clearly tweologisms.
Kirsty Nicol, East Lothian, Scotland

"In 1840, the broken wreckage was destroyed by the Royal Engineers in a huge controlled explosion that shattered windows as far away as Portsmouth and Gosport." It doesn't seem that 'controlled' an explosion!
Basil Long, Nottingham

Brian (Monday's Letters), you'll also be amused to learn that Siemens have an office in Staines, Middlesex.
Gary Moore, Pulborough, UK

Colin (Monday's Letters), my colleagues and I were betting we'd find one on Scafell Pike and one on Ben Nevis.
Joseph, London

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