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Your Letters

15:38 UK time, Monday, 5 September 2011

I can't be the only one that spotted the third tigers face on the first photo
Jo, Bedford

Did anyone else see this and think Jeremy Clarkson?
Colin Main, Berkhamsted, UK

I'm confused by Lucy Kellaway's use of "swash" in this article. A quick online search informed me that swash is (among other things) a turbulent layer of water washing up a beach after an incoming wave has broken, a typographical flourish on a glyph, and a cloting label. None of these seem to match Ms Kellaway's useage. Has she combined "swat" and "dash" in the same way Richard Hammond once combined "shiny" and "bright"?
Howard, London, UK

Monday's Random Stat. That's one heck of an insomniac who was able to arrive that number. But how do we know the number's accurate? What if he/she fell asleep before finishing countinzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?br />Aqua Suliser, Bath

I was amused to see the machines referred to in number 4 of 10 things we didn't know last week are made by Siemens
Brian Saxby, Chicago, USA

Shiz (Friday's Letters), that's uncanny: I have all those things, although the African fertility statue is only 5ft.
Andrew Guest, London

GDW (Friday's Letters), doing a U-turn in a tram would be pointless anyway, as they can be driven from either end
Tim, London

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