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17:30 UK time, Friday, 2 September 2011

Though the comments in this article about questionnaires are broadly opposed, I notice that this article, broadly in favour of surveys, is currently higher in the "Most Read" rankings. Perhaps the relative attractiveness of the thumbnail picture of the girl in the bra and that of Mr Pickles can tell us something about how to make lists of questions appealing to the public?
Zachary Lokisson, Cambridge, UK

Nothing quite says "slow news day" like the front page of the Folkestone Herald last week.
Howard, Folkestone

Wow, we could have the 'torium of our choice! Golfatorium, Soccatorium, Shoppingmallatorium? Or, for those who have no life outside work, a memorial filing cabinet with ashes filed by name?
Diane, Sutton

Is "White House upbeat on US economy" based on "US 'to sue banks over mortgages'"?
Howard, Nottingham

Andrew (Thursday's Letters) for most people that would mean things like family photos and child's drawings everywhere - it stops the potential buyer from being able to see the property as their next home since it's still blatantly the sellers. But it would also count for things like stuffed dead animals, shrines to dead famous people or 6 feet african fertility statues. That sort of thing. Anything that might make a visitor uncomfortable. I'll get my albino mink coat.
Shiz, Cheshire, UK

I'm sure I won't be the only one to point this out, but surely if there is no trams u-turn they will all just end up at the one end of the city?
GDW, Edinburgh

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