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15:22 UK time, Friday, 25 March 2011

Why do men shout at women in the street? Peacock behaviour, shout, get smiled at, other men acknowledge this, status increase... probably, or they think its funny.
Clare Charlton @BBC News Magazine

I work in the fares department of a railway company (dodges bullets). But imagine the flak we'd get if we charged a "booking fee" at the ticket office over and above the fare. "Sorry sir, a single to London is £12.60, but with booking fee that's £14.10". At least we, the much maligned railways, don't do that!
Ken, Hornchurch, UK

It's always nice to see an old friend (Caption Comp, Friday), but how many more times is the "See Mum! See Dad! And you said a degree in media studies was a waste of time!" caption going to be chosen as the winner?
Helene Parry, S Wales expat to Brentford

Re: Paper Monitor, Err, boss? PM has told me to go enjoy the sunshine. I'm taking the rest of the day off, No, not Prime Minister, Paper Monitor. No? Darn it.
Robyn, Cheshire

MM - Can you please be quiet for just 5 minutes, I'm trying to find some "me" time to contemplate how wonderful life would be after winning £117 million. I promise I'll carry on sending letters, but I'll probably go part-time and not worry so much about spelling and grammar and so on. I'll also employ someone else to get my coat.
Richard Champagne, Doncaster

Why is everything big and fat these days? (Thursday's letters). I'm not fat... I'm big boned!
Malcolm Rees @BBC News Magazine

Suzie (Thursday's letters), if it helps, I tried to comment on yours
Mark, Lincoln

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