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10:43 UK time, Monday, 21 March 2011

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From the images of disaster in Japan to the air strikes against Colonel Gaddafi and his troops in Libya, it's photographs that have been dominating the newspapers' front pages recently. Today is no exception. Words are kept to a minimum because the danger, horror and drama is best summed up in an image.

None more so than on the front page of the Times. It's not often that a snapper gets a front-page picture byline, but Jack Hill does today. It's no wonder when you look at the image.

The paper has a rare wrap-around front page, dominated by a photo of an air strike on Colonel Gaddafi's troops near Benghazi. It's a breathtakingly powerful shot. The fire, smoke and sparks are so intense it looks like a computer game, but this is real life.

A lone figure in the foreground of the shot, running away from the chaos, is a reminder of the human cost of the crisis - and the danger the photographer must have put himself in to get the picture.

The Daily Mail, Mirror and Sun also all lead with the same image of more air strikes, a huge billowing cloud of smoke and fire.

Above the image of a convoy of Gaddafi troops being bombed the Sun has the headline: "TOP GUNS..1 MAD DOG..0".

Sister paper, the News of the World, felt it was time for a pun and ran with "Blown to Brits" yesterday.

The Mirror's headline "ROAD TO HELL" sums it up in fairly straight fashion.

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