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15:50 UK time, Thursday, 25 November 2010

Nominative determinism at its very, very best! From this story: "The team's conclusions suggest the Universe is indeed flat... Alan Heavens, a theoretical astrophysicist at the University of Edinburgh, said that the strength of the result lies in that it requires few assumptions about the nature of the cosmos."
Roy Bennett, Abergavenny, Wales

Amazing - I try Magazine quizzes on subjects I think I know about and fail miserably. Today I tried the Thanksgiving Quiz, thinking that I knew nothing about it and scored 9!
Lucy P, Ashford, Kent
Monitor note: Er, Lucy, that wasn't a Magazine quiz. But this one - oon weird diets - is from the Magazine team.

PE hell or PE heaven? Simple answer - both.
Sharon Barrett via Twitter @bbc_magazine

Re PE Heaven or Hell? Hell for me. I think it should be in the curriculum for health reasons but it was the only subject where not being good at something meant you were screamed at, ridiculed and generally humiliated by the teacher. Yelling at someone is unlikely to uncover a hitherto hidden sporting talent.
Rachel, Liverpool

Re: Tips on staying awake during the test match coverage. The best way to stay up for The Ashes is to implement the tactic that I am using tonight, which is to have two 3,000 word assignments due 3pm the next day which require hours and hours of work to ensure they get finished. Make this happen and you'll be sure to listen to almost every ball.
Bill Agar via the Magazine's Facebook page

Tips on staying awake during the test match coverage? I'd much rather have a nightmare asleep in my bed than be awake watching one on television!
John Whapshott (an England cricket supporter), Westbury, England

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