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15:33 UK time, Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Re: PE hell or PE heaven? Have dreadful memories of school PE lessons - could never climb a rope, walk on an upturned bench or do a backward roll, neither did I enjoy cross country running in the dead of winter in green gym knickers and a short sleeved top. For this I was made to suffer greatly by my sadistic games mistress! Took me about 10 years to discover I enjoyed running, squash and aerobics!
Joanna Jones @BBC News Magazine

PE hell or PE heaven?Simple answer - both.
Sharon Barrett @BBC News Magazine

I too hated PE at school. Being stood on by the bigger boys in Rugby; PE teachers treating you as lesser humans because you weren't sporty enough; the ritual humiliation of picking a partner for Country Dancing. Hell. Absolute Hell. I'd take PE out of the core curriculum altogether and treat it as an optional extra. Let them that want to stand on a frozen rugby pitch do it and leave those that don't want to in peace.
Rob, Edinburgh, UK

I hated PE at school, I was a slightly podgy, and very slothful adolescent,and twice a week I tried to avoid the torture of PE, normally unsuccessfully. I would be hounded by the, to my mind, evil, sadistic and psychopathic teacher to run, jump, vault and the dreaded rope climb. However, I was remembering back to this time, when against all odds, one time in my life, I managed to climb a rope all the way to the top - the thing that now I remember is for the last 10 feet or so, our PE teacher was standing at the bottom literally cheering me on, encouraging me and willing me to succeed - when I finally slapped the ceiling he was probably more pleased than me. I still didn't enjoy PE after that, but it made me think of it somewhat differently.
Eddie Dubourg, Edinburgh, Lothian

Did anyone else flying today with an airline taking BBC World's syndicated newsfeed spot the headline "Pope on Contraception"? I want to hear more about this!
Paul, Marlow, UK

"Thief stole safe on way to court". Maybe he was expecting a large fine?
JennyT, NY Brit

Regarding the Royal wedding. How can the rest of the world watch when we all have to work on a Friday?
Rusty, Montreal, Canada

Was I the only person who thought this story was something to do with manufacturing custard powder?
Gail, Reigate

To Tim Barrow, London, UK (Tuesday's letters) go on, put us out of our misery and tell us that you're a costermonger.
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

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