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15:42 UK time, Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Re: Will these Irish migrants be different from the past? Sad to say it's likely many Irish will leave now, in view of the financial mess we are in. I came home 6 years ago - I am staying. I guess someone has to stay to keep an eye on things - or just to turn the lights out.
Tony Barclay @BBC News Magazine

Dear William and Kate, thank you for choosing 29th April as your wedding date. This is most considerate of you as my wedding is on 30th April. Now not only do I get a four day weekend for the event, my family and friends get a free day off on 29th to travel/help me with last minute details. It was so nice of you to consider my event when choosing your date. Thank you once again.
Hannah Barnwell, Warwick

Now THIS is a Magazine story worthy of the disclaimer.
Callum Johnston, Sheffield, South Yorks

Re: Ashes-a-thon. Surely reading an article on how to stay up all night without preparation is preparation in itself.
Hoddo, Botto

Re: 1000mph car on track, surely in that case it would be a train?
Malcolm Rees, Aldershot

"Train companies are bound by competition". Who's the competitor? Say your travelling between Chippenham and London. There is only one rail company, making the competition driving, cycling, flying a helicopter or riding a camel. Where do you tie up a camel in London
Edd, Maidenhead

Surely Tim (Friday's Letters) was being sarcatic. He can't have been serious...can he?
Adam Molloy, Tewkesbury

Liz Tunnicliffe (Monday's letters) - I'm quite embarassed not to have known that. I've got that feeling where it's as if I've said something so mortifying that I should just get up and leave, pausing only to grab my outerwear on the way. There should be a phrase for that too.
Tim Barrow, London, UK

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