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15:51 UK time, Monday, 22 November 2010

Eric Cantona says a mass cash withdrawal would bring down the banks. Would it? No, but I'm sure it would be boom time for house burglaries and street muggings.
Rob Lowery @BBC News Magazine

Re: Would a mass cash withdrawal bring down the banks? What is the point of bringing down the banks? The government would bail them out with our money so we would pay for it. Cantona has not got any wiser has he?
David Ellis @BBC News Magazine

Hold your horses PM, it's not quite winter yet, we've got 28 days to go. I'll get my (autumn) coat.
Heather, Coventry

Come now, PM. Surely you of all people are aware that the Express only has three front pages? Diana, house prices, and weather. Admittedly though, they sometimes mash them up in terms of how one affects the other, just to keep us on our toes.
Darren, London

Guess she'll be keeping her ears close to the ground in the event of any crime.
Adrian Horsewood, London, UK

Ahh the licence granted to BBC Sunday headline writers: "Balls: We were wrong on liberties". Beautiful.

Shame on you MM. How dare you provoke Monitorites so flagrantly with Tim Barrow's letter (Friday's Letters).
Jonathan, Freising, Germany

Tim Barrow (Friday's Letters) - there is a name for it: "nominative determinism", coined by the Feedback pages of New Scientist, which were at one point inundated with example upon example. One of the finest instances is that of Dr Richard Chopp, a urologist who specialises in, amongst other procedures, vasectomies.
Liz Tunnicliffe, Oxford, UK

Peter (Friday's Letters), sorry to be pedantic, but Decke means blanket and not coat. Ich hole meine Jacke...
Jonathan, Freising, Germany

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