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16:46 UK time, Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I was in a bad mood because of being stuck in work all day and bored. I was in an even worse mood when I found the BBC Magazine section still hadn't been updated. Now I am in a REALLY REALLY BAAAAAD mood because to pass the time, I ended up calculating my BMI online... Thanks a lot BBC. Thanks. a. lot!
Apparently an Official Fatty, Munich
Monitor note: Can we cheer you up with today's Random stat on the new-look Magazine index? It's about cake... oh. Sorry.

Can we learn to love French pop music? No!!!
Richard Dzien @BBC_magazine

Mais oui, bien sur! I love a bit of MC Solaar, introduced to me by my French penfriend a number of years ago.
Katherine Broadhurst @BBC News Magazine

It is no better nor worse than English language pop music.
Boyzone = Alliage
Placebo = Indochine
Bjork = Zazie (at a pinch; they're both "odd", at least).
Myléne Farmer sounds like a cross between The Cure and Madonna with her head in a bucket.
Jean-Jacques Goldman I always saw as a sort of Paul Weller meets the Beatles in terms of popularity and style. He did write some of Celine Dion's songs though but we can forgive him that.
Les Innocents, Zebda, Gérald De Palmas, Marc Lavoine - no better nor worse than Keane, Human League, Sugarhill Gang, Elbow ... :)
Ian Oliver @BBC News Magazine

Actually, I'm a Johnny Hallyday fan - maybe the only English one - used to have a wonderful "greatest hits" wonky cassette in my Renault 25 (my "French Jag").
Ian William Johnson @BBC News Magazine

What makes a great Royal Wedding? Under the circumstances, can I suggest a registry office service followed by vol au vents, sausage rolls and a couple of bowls of cheesy footballs in the back room of a Windsor pub? And £50 behind the bar, of course, but Charles can pay for that bit.
Sue, London

A good royal wedding? Make it a public holiday.
Simon Kelshaw @BBC News Magazine

Commemorative divorce plates and mugs. Get yours early.
Ian Buglass @BBC News Magazine

I am fed up with the snipes at William and Kate's engagement and forthcoming wedding. Yes, the country is in a mess. Yes, jobs are going. Not everything is rosy in the garden. Yet this piece of escapism makes us thrive and gives us something to look forward to. Otherwise it's all Bah-humbug.
Tim McMahon, Pennar/Wales

I remember socialist student friends hating the Charles & Di bash. I put stickers on my bike to annoy them.
Guy Cosnahan @BBC_magazine

My worry is that the government will find out what makes us happy - and then they'll tax it (Why it's hard to measure happiness).
Alan Craggs @BBC_magazine

Lucy Kellaway says she has yet to catch her colleagues knitting at work (The office breakfast's unstoppable ascendancy) - I regularly knit at my desk! And at home. And on the bus. And in the pub.
Amy Wheelo @BBC_magazine

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