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16:01 UK time, Monday, 15 November 2010

Re: With the government looking into a happiness index to measure the wellbeing of the citizenry, when are/were you happiest? The idea of the Gross National Happiness Indicator works well in Bhutan because it is a place of peace and trust, and follows a the values of the Buddhist faith. I wonder how we will manage to measure happiness when we don't seem to have... a set of shared values to base it on. I certainly wouldn't like it based on some of the values being currently espoused. We're all in it together except if we're rich, have the ability to self protect (politicians) or have regulators wrapped around our fingers (bankers). But to answer the question, when I have been travelling in other places.
Mags Rivett @BBC_Magazine

"Freed UK couple enjoying freedom". Well I never. Who'd have thought it!
Jonathan, Freising, Germany

Without meaning to sound horrible - why all the fuss about that couple who were captured by pirates? I appreciate it is a huge deal to their family (who capitulated to the wishes of their captors - so no great story there) but it's of very little relevance to anyone else in the UK and certainly not worthy of wall-to-wall coverage their 'release' has been getting. Can we please move on?
Jackie, Edinburgh

"The final shape of the wheels is defined by the chief aerodynamicist". Well, in the picture it looks like... yes, he's gone for round ones.
David, Hong Kong

Re: your story "James Blunt stopped World War 3" If only it could have been "World War 3 stopped James Blunt" but I fear it would take more than that.
Ian William Johnson, Paris, France

Re: 10 things, under 16's not being allowed to buy Christmas crackers. I didn't know the law on that was so recent. You are not allowed to take them into the USA in your luggage either. We lived there in the early 90's (so pre 9/11) and the only way we could get crackers (they don't have them in the USA) was from the British shop which had an import licence for them.
Mary, Amersham

Shouldn't Friday's 10 Things picture of "10 seagulls perched on a crossbar" be more appropriately titled, '10 seagulls perched on a crossbar and one on the ground'?
Brian Saxby, Chicago, USA

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