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Your Letters

15:57 UK time, Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Misleading Headlines Watch: Cricket earns big testicles title. Not entirely sure what I was expecting, but certainly something involving cricketers and a new sort of test match.
Sarah, Nantwich

Cricket earns big testicles title - was anybody else expecting a particularly bizarre sport-based story?
Tom Hartland, Loughborough, UK

Drunk Girl's moved to Scotland. Obviously been banned from all the usual joints down south and is now broadening her horizons.
Roy Bennett, Abergavenny, Wales

MCK (Tuesday Letters): Possibly, and probably not.
Duncan, Hove

I was simply sickened by John Airey's letter (Tuesday Letters) regarding the use of "(sic)". How dare he! It's "we pedants". Pfft.
Lucy Jones, Northwich

Monitor note: The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed the Magazine has had some work done. How do we look?

Gorgeous, darling!
Catherine Osborn @BBC News Magazine

No, no, nononononono. Please no. This is far too busy. Bring back the last version of your page, please - white space is a *good* thing. Yours with unhappy eyes,
Dragon, Concord, Calif, US

If it isn't broken don't fix it.
David Ellis @BBC News Magazine

I hope the 7 days news quiz isn't going to be so prominent all week (though I did just score 7/7, beating 4/7 last Friday).
Ed Loach @BBC_magazine

Grumble grumble whinge whinge.
Tim Stone @BBC News Magazine

Looks nice.
Sais Shishir Ks @BBC News Magazine

It looks like the rest of the BBC website - only just navigable. The corporate machine grinds again...
Lucy Jones @BBC News Magazine

Ooh, it was worth the wait.
Hex69 @BBC_magazine

As long as you don't mess with your content, you can make whatever cosmetic changes you like.
Terrence Lockyer @BBC News Magazine

Dear Monitor,
Could you please ask your Front Page to stop shouting at me?
Thank you.
Lien Gyles, Matlock

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