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Your Letters

15:14 UK time, Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Re: the story about elephant smuggling: how? You'd need a darned big case... or perhaps a trunk?
PollySaxon, Lichfield

Front page subheading: "Your views:'Very Worrying.'" Does this mean the BBC is scared for its readers sanity?
Edd, Cardiff

I'd have thought the question of whether there's an R in Bath (Tuesday's letters), depends largely on whether or not you're a pirate. Ba-HAAARRRR-th is what they say where I'm from. I'll get me cutlass...
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

Re: the pronunciation of Loughborough (Tuesday's letters). From my neck of the woods, i.e. just north of Leicestershire, it's definitely Luff-burr-a. But how fondly I remember the day when I was asked by an Australian tourist: "Excuse me mate, any idea how to get to Loog-baroog...?"
Daniel, London

Personally, every time I see Loughborough on a road sign or similar, a little voice in my head says "Loogerborooger".
Claire, London

Nick (Tuesday's letters), Paul (Monday's letters),
ugh! just the thought of masticating over-cooked, olive-green sprouts (ditto broccoli) puts me off eating my greens... try al dente!
Sven, Basel, Switzerland

Given the famous teeth, "teething problems" seems rather harsh.
Sarah, Nantwich

Your Science & Environment page has an item "Stephen Fry feeds baby white rhino". Surely the baby would not have been able to chew such food?
Faustino, Brisbane, Australia

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