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14:55 UK time, Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Rob, former Midlander (Letters, Monday), how do you pronounce English words "as they are spelt"? Have English spellings suddenly become phonetic?
Stellsie, Up North

Really Rob? How do you pronounce Loughborough then?
Libby, Coleford, Somerset (near Bath, pronounced Barth, natch)

I have to agree with Rob - I'm from the Midlands too, and we always pronounce words exactly as we spell them. Althowe I awt to point out that some people suggest we haven't taken a very thuruh approach to lexical accuracy, and that we've not thort this throo.
Kat Gregg, Coventry

I promise I didn't write in as "Rob of London" just so I could mention again my moment of fame!
Susan, Newcastle

Staines-upon-Thames? Somebody phone BP, that oil slick is still expanding.
Alexander Lewis Jones, Nottingham, UK

Oh no! "Hopes to end the common cold." No more using Man Flu as an excuse to get out of... Ow! I think I've done my back in.
Graham, Purmerend NL

Fear not, Paul (Monday Letters)! They only need 6 weeks in the microwave. Better hurry up though: you've only got until the 13th to cut all the little crosses in the bottoms.
Nick, Tokyo

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