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15:35 UK time, Monday, 1 November 2010

Wasn't it a travel agent that commissioned the research concluding January was the worst day of the year? January or November? Which month is the worst? There's only one way to find out...
Edd, Cardiff

Has Belfast film-maker found time travel evidence? No. But he has found a load of publicity for his work.
Les, Wolverhampton

Cotswold flasher bitten by victim's dog: sooo nearly the perfect story. Perhaps they should teach this at obedience classes? You got your coat, man, you should have kept it on.
Diane, Sutton

Ah, if only that flasher had been here rather than in the Cotswolds, you headline writer could have had so much fun...
Sue, London

Stewart (Friday Letters), it's nothing new. The predominantly southern-based media consistently speak of carstles, grarss, and barths, amongst many other examples. In the Midlands, where I am originally from, we at least pronounce words as they are spelled.
Rob, London, UK

I forgot to put the sprouts on for Christmas. Should I use the pressure cooker or is it too late?
Paul, Milton Keynes

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