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15:46 UK time, Thursday, 28 January 2010

Some say he's sold 25m crime novels. All we know is he's called The Stieg.
leebroughall @BBC_magazine

Very interesting quote. It is right of course both from a humane point of view but also I would imagine in terms of productivity if we take the longer view.
John Eacott, London

Regarding today's quote - what! £2,400 for a 72-page book - blimey. Talk about stress.
Trina, UK

Who knew Gordon Brown had turned in to King Knut?
Lee Heyes, Swindon

Re place name pronunciation. My North-of-England boyfriend keeps telling me that there is no "R" in Bath. I reply that there is both an "L" and a "W" in Alnwick.
Susan, Newcastle (previously Kent)

Perhaps Fry was on his way to visit Laurie (Paper Monitor). May we keep him too?
Candace, New Jersey, US

Tell Alex in Bristol (Wednesday's letters) that I must be the Monitor as I've not seen Avatar. Indeed I've not seen Titanic either, though I do know how it ends.
Liam Higgins, N Ireland

Me too I'm afraid; don't even know what its about except that there are some blue people in it. And I'm not Monitor.
PollySaxon, Cornwall

Oh my God. Alex (Wednesday's letters), I haven't seen Avatar. I must be Monitor. All these years and I never realised.
Louisa Hibble, Leicester, UK

Monitor note: No, I'm the Monitor!

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