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15:48 UK time, Friday, 15 January 2010

Re Potted history: While visiting Kerala just after the monsoon, I noticed the locals have a very novel way of pointing out the numerous potholes in the terrible roads. They up-root banana trees and saplings and then simply plant them in the potholes as they are so big. Kerala officials are all for pomp and ceremony when someone from Delhi visits and clear the local "riff-raff" off the streets so politicians and bigwigs will never have their views blighted. But someone always manages to pick out these eyesores by placing plants on the highways and byways so they really know what is going on. Pure class. Power to the people.
Sheeja, Dubai, UAE

Re Peppa Pig in seatbelt safety row: I for one am relieved to see the show's producers have seen sense and changed their stance on this. I'd hate to have seen that poor parent having to overrule their small child...
Sue, London

I clicked on the apple cake recipe link with excitement (Paper Monitor), only to find it would take me an additional 15 minutes to translate to American English before I could start baking. Caster sugar? bramleys? sugar and flour measurements in weight instead of cup volumes? Thank goodness our snow is melting here and I can raise my spirits without spending 30 minutes to make a cake.
Jenny, Chicago

This old children's book about what 2010 will be like (Web Monitor). With the automated washing facilities, the disposable crockery and the orange and black artwork its like living in a MacDonalds restaurant.
Paul I, St G, Cornwall

I'm disappointed to see the BBC celebrating copyright violation. There's nothing to suggest that Daniel Sinker got Geoffry Hoyle's permission to publish his book online.
Nick Eden, York

I'm five foot tall and, to be honest, "pint-sized" is not the most offensive thing I've ever been called (Thursday letters). It's certainly infinitely preferable to "vertically-challenged" or whatever the supposedly PC alternative is.
Hannah, London

Adam (Thursday letters) is this another example of Christmas starting earlier each year?
Ian, London

Adam, you may be the most considerate man in the UK. Bravo.
Sue, London

Ellie (Thursday letters) - I'm afraid if you don't know basic HTML you shouldn't be on the internet... you wouldn't allow someone to drive a car without knowing how the gears work.
Jim, Coventry

We've just received our French student, who'll be staying with us for the next three months. So far she has had porridge for breakfast, scones for high tea, and biryani. We have bewildered her with Coronation Street ("except we call it Corrie"), which she studied in school, and pointed out Brummie is quite different from Mancunuian.
Anything else?
Rachel, Minnetonka

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