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15:23 UK time, Thursday, 7 January 2010

I am not convinced the 70% increase in cat litter sales during snowy weather is due to it being used to grit driveways (7 questions on snow). As soon as there is the merest threat of snow, my otherwise perfectly house-trained cats started to use the fire grate, the bath and the cupboard under the stairs as indoor toilets. Even when (in desperation) I locked them out the house, they hung on until I let them back in. The snow, at least in my house, has led to a 100% increase in cat litter purchases but none of it is on the path.
Alison Waters, Shepperton

Hurrah, my first ever score of seven on a Magazine quiz. However it was the snow quiz and as a weather forecaster one suspects that anything less that 7 would just not do...
Laura, Weybridge, Surrey

When I go to the car, which I get to via the kitchen, I wear:

  • Thermal top
  • Thermal leggings
  • One woollen short sleeve top
  • One woollen long-sleeved top
  • A fleece
  • A down waist-coat
  • A down jacket
  • A balaclava
  • Gloves
  • Vaseline
My daughter is the same, plus has a blanket and a hottie for the journey to school. Man up a bit, UK!Rachel, Minnetonka

Snow? It's blooming boiling over here.
Stuart, Sydney, formerly Croydon

I'm shocked at how some sick individuals out there can seek to defile the innocence of hardcore porn with depraved footage of Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers.
Kat Gregg, Coventry

Ben Merritt asks how the value of pi to millions of digits can be checked (Wednesday letters). Easy! Just draw a circle, measure the diameter and circumference and divide. You may need a large piece of paper and a lot of pencils.
Geoff Harrison, Alsager

Basil wants to know what a kitten heel is (Wednesday letters). I think I can help.
Liam, Chesterfield, UK

A kitten heel is best described as a baby stiletto: deadly skinny, but only an inch or two tall. They're most useful to three types of women:

  • teenagers learning to walk in heels;
  • professional women whose bosses think Manolo spikes are excessively sexy and comfy courts aren't sexy enough;
  • and Tom Cruise's girlfriends...
Sophie, London, UK

The Guardian's eco-living correspondent apparently thinks people who can't afford wood can afford a briquette press (Wednesday's Paper Monitor). Eco-friendly? OK. Logical? Not so much.
Nadja, Bostonian in Moscow, Russia

Kitten heels. Another name for Puss in Boots perhaps?
Tim D, Sheffield

Re the mini-quiz on the e-book most popular with illegal downloaders. Is it illegal to download the Kama Sutra as its copyright must have expired by now?
Graham, Hayle

Malky (Wednesday letters), I'm not so sure the soporific effect of monitoring a "light" will transfer when monitoring "naked" air passengers.
Patrick Boden, Nottingham

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