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10:47 UK time, Friday, 15 January 2010

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

She's back.

We predicted on these pages in October that Drunker Girl - seen carousing in Cardiff with her knickers around her ankles - would replace Drunk Girl as the newspapers' binge drink image of choice.

So the Daily Star chooses Drunker Girl to illustrate its story on the cost of booze quadrupling as the government tackles binge drinking. Paper Monitor cannot help but notice that the picture has been flipped.

Elsewhere in meltdown-of-society news, we have a classic in the Daily Mail.

In a variation on Kate Bush's Babooshka - or Rupert Holmes's If You Like Pina Coladas - there's an extraordinary story about a woman who set up a fake Facebook profile as an attractive 21-year-old to establish that her husband was cheating.

In yet more meltdown news, the Daily Express splashes on the story of the family whose house was squatted over Christmas by gypsies.

And the Guardian's Lost in Showbiz has yet more worrying news:

Dabbers at the ready, ye players of apocalypse bingo. Dermot O'Leary is in talks to present a political show, which means we're all one number closer to a full house.

Finally, hats off to the Sun for the most Yoda-like headline of the days: "Failure Benitez must Kop sack."

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