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14:35 UK time, Friday, 11 December 2009

A precis of this story's first three paragraphs might read: "A hole has appeared in a road. Officials are looking into it." Boom and indeed boom.
Richard, Aberdeen, UK

I'm intrigued as to why the irate pink man took John (Thursday's letters) to court, and as to whether he won or not.
Rob, Winsford, Cheshire

I hope this letter finds you in the pink, as it leaves me. According to your article from January "Should we not dress girls in pink?" it used to be pink for boys and blue for girls.
Heather Simmons, Macomb, Michigan, USA

I'm still confused as to who was surveyed regarding the self-service tills. Surely the 13% of people who complained that the customer had to do all the work should have recognised that this would be the result of using such checkouts?
Andy Dawson, Newcastle, UK

With reference to this article why not just reduce speed limits to 0mph and stop accidents altogether?
Alan, Southampton UK

In regards to this story, can I just say that the complaint made was ridiculous. She may be elderly, but that doesn't mean she should get preferential treatment. Honestly.
Robyn, Cheshire

Re Airbus A400-M takes off on maiden flight: If it hadn't, it wouldn't have been, would it?
Rik Alewijnse, Feering, UK

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