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15:34 UK time, Thursday, 10 December 2009

Earth and Pontipine galaxy in near miss.
Christian Cook, Epsom

I have just sent in a mildly-amusing letter about that weird swirly thing over Norway, only to find that you've used that story as the caption competition. Well I hadn't seen that, so don't go throwing stapler-mounted badgers at me again. You can still see the stains on our doormat from last time.
Christian Cook, Epsom

Re: "Strange light mystifies Norwegians", surely it doesn't take Scully and Mulder to see that this is just a projector shining a spiral pattern onto low cloud, probably to advertise a local nightclub.
Chris in Paris, Paris, France

If the picture is anything to go by, I might get an inkling that they were bugging my phone.
Basil Long, Nottingham

Since Private Eye seems to have omitted Pseuds Corner from its online edition, many thanks to Magazine for quotes like this.
Paul Clare, Marlow, UK

A good solution to not being able to use your own bags at the self-service till, is to choose the heaviest item in your basket - needs to be as heavy as a wine bottle or milk carton - scan it, put it in the bag and press down a bit as you put it in the bagging area. Works (almost) every time.
Aine, London

Stuart (Wednesday's letters). Well of *course* you're going to say that. Probably fearing for your teeth if his wife found out! Methinks the laddy doth protest too much...
Daniel, London

Should men wear pink? I was taken to court by some irate man who attended in head-to-toe pink. Suit, tie, shirt, trousers, the works.
John Henderson, @BBC News Magazine

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