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16:50 UK time, Monday, 7 December 2009

Could someone at the Monitor please explain why acronyms (or initialisms) have started to be written in lower case? See here. Does this mean you will become the Bbc?
Nicola Judd, Newcastle NSW, AUS (ex Hemel Hempstead)
Monitor note: This, from our style guide:
"[O]ur style is to use lower case (with an initial cap) if you would normally pronounce the set of letters as a word (eg Aids, Fifa). Some of the exceptions to this policy have now been eliminated: hence, we should write Farc not "FARC"; and the Basque separatist organisation is Eta not "ETA". BUT A FEW EXCEPTIONS PERSIST."

Tim D, Friday letters, surely whatever led to possession of these items of value - craft or simple acquisition - came before robbery. And 'value' presupposes assaying. Quite a jobs market.
Daniel, London

Is there any underlying post-Freudian, semi-conscious, sub-Oedipal reason why 'thing' No.8 in "10 things" was written in Meerkat? I do hope so.
Ashley Pearson, Hull
Monitor: Mere human error

Can gift wrap ever be synonymous with green politics? (Paper Monitor, Monday.) If you plan on using that Guardian newspaper to wrap with, most certainly.
Candace, New Jersey, US

Hamster toy safe, firm insists. I'm disapointed. It doesn't look anything like him.
Clive DuPort, Vale, Guernsey

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