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11:32 UK time, Friday, 20 November 2009

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

eu_stitch_upheadlines226.jpgThe Daily Mail and the Guardian don't often find common cause. But they do today with their matching front page headlines on the EU's choice for its president:

"The great EU stitch-up".

Even the sub-headlines are similar, although one is rather more, er, strident than the other. Can you guess which?

"A Labour crony no-one's heard of is made EU foreign minister - so a fanatical Belgian federalist who wants Brussels to tax us can become President. The good news? At least it's not Blair"

  • Little-known Briton gets Foreign job
  • Belgian PM beats Blair to presidency

Yes, the first one is the Mail.

It's equally aerated about the "Tory sleaze chief, a £30,000 expenses bill and his love nest", as runs its page three headline (SEO version for the online version is the rather more prosaic "Tory sleaze chief David Curry quits over '£30,000 love nest expenses'").

In the Daily Telegraph, the same story is headlined: "The Tory MP, his mistress and £30,000 for love nest".

Elsewhere, much spleen is vented over that France v Ireland game. Even the refusniks with fingers in ears going "la la la la" at the very mention of the World Cup will know why.

"Hands-on Henry becomes public enemy numero un - 'Hand of Gaul' or the main chance? Irish fury and French red faces at Henry's assist" - Guardian
"The £1bn hand of frog" - Sun
"You Eiffel shower!" - Daily Mirror

Shower? OK, so it rhymes with tower, but really...

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