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Your bad wedding photos

12:35 UK time, Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Out of focus, bad lighting, a hardly visible bride and bridegroom... everyone thinks they can photograph a wedding, but the results can leave a lot to be desired.

Dismayed by the official pictures of their wedding, Marc and Sylvia Day have successfully sued their official photographer for breach of contract. This set us at the Magazine to thinking, how hard is it to photograph a wedding? (answer: harder than you think), and we asked for your own examples of bad wedding pics (but only if you took these yourself and so have copyright). Here's what we've been sent so far:

laundrybags_jonathanproud.jpgJonathan Proud is not too, er, proud to admit that this is not his finest work.

"As a keen amateur, I was designated 'official photographer' for my niece's wedding, as they didn't want a professional who would dominate the proceedings. I'd never photographed a wedding before. There was a driveway between the bride, groom and family members being photographed, and the rest of the wedding party taking pictures and looking on. From time to time traffic interrupted proceedings, like this laundry trolley, causing great amusement."

fouryearoldsnap.jpgAnd this from Ginou.

"At our wedding, only my husband, my then four-year-old son and myself were there. That meant we had to take the photos. We held up the camera - and the four-year-old took the photo. I did make an awesome scrapbook out of them, if I say so myself."

womaninhat_gareth.jpgAnd Gareth Fudge sent this in.

"Being a wedding photographer is not as easy as it looks. You get the shot set up and someone dives in. Fortunately I am amateur and was just shooting my friend's wedding. This made it into the album though as a private joke."

And Raza Rao, of Oldham, sent us this from his own big day.

"Video camera in focus... and me and my bride are out of focus :("

exchangingrings_caroline.jpgGetting the happy couple in focus is also a problem in this picture, sent in by Caroline Marin. Sorry, what's going on?

"The groom giving the ring to the bride."

justinframe_jamie.jpgIt's not the focus but the framing that's the problem with this photo from Jamie Troy. Who is it of?

"The happy couple? My friends asked me to take some pictures as I have been a semi-professional in the past. I really like this one as a sort of anti-wedding picture. A complete accident though."

bridegroomdancing_darren.jpgAnd then there's this, from Darren Woolridge of London.

"Oh dear, here's my shot of the first dance of Kieron and Rachel's wedding. Here are some of the slightly sarcastic comments left when I posted this on Facebook: 'Lucky you were there to capture that special moment' and, from the groom, 'That is lovely'. Believe it or not, I am a professional photographer. Luckily I was just there as a guest that day."

UPDATE 1625 BST, 9 October: And more pictures can be seen here.

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