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Weekly Bonus Question

09:46 UK time, Friday, 16 October 2009

Welcome to the Weekly Bonus Question.

Each week the news quiz 7 days 7 questions will offer an answer. You are invited to suggest what the question might have been.

Suggestions should be sent using the COMMENTS BOX IN THIS ENTRY. And since nobody likes a smart alec, kudos will be deducted for predictability in your suggestions.

This week's answer is CAMPING CUTLERY. But what's the question?

UPDATE 1634 BST: The correct question is, what did a six-year-old US boy bring to school that resulted in his suspension. (More details)

Of your wilfully and deliberately wrong questions, we liked:

  • rogueslr's What do a tent peg and the top of a tin of beans constitute?
  • ManxDave57's Eating with intent?
  • BeckySnow's What's always short of a fish fork?
  • victormeldrewgroupie's
    An MoD spokesman blamed a clerical error when instead of the L1A1 12.7 mm (.50) Heavy Machine Gun (HMG), a £5 million order was placed for what?
  • And Kettering_Jeremy's The absence of what in the archaeological record, has led Richard Dawkins to conclude that early man was not at one with nature, and spent most his spare time on DIY projects around the cave?

Thanks to all who entered.


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