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15:50 UK time, Friday, 10 July 2009

Re Tabloid tactics: Isn't "an early, lower-technology version of hacking into ... phones" a bit of a cumbersome way of describing reading someone's phone bill?
Rory, Grimsby

Thanks for the tip-off, Paper Monitor. The Sarah Brown question did indeed come up in 7 days 7 questions, although my ineptitude meant I still only got 4. Still, there's always next week.
Timothy, Leeds

A few anagrams (Thursday's Paper Monitor):
Simon Heffer - Home Sniffer, Sheriff Omen.
Benedict Brogan - Cribbage tendon, Decanter gibbon, Cabinet bog nerd, Bad bingo center...
No special anagram skills here you understand - just running the names through one of the many online services and trawling through the results.
Chris in Paris, Paris, France

Re Shop's joke billboards cause stir, as a resident of Horsham and regular customer of The Candy Box, what has not been made clear in this article is the sheer joy of having John as one of our most colourful and entertaining - not to mention savvy - business owners. He is a credit to the town, and being served by him has more than once brightened my day.
Joanne Macauley, Horsham, West Sussex

Web Monitor hoped for a Charles Dickens reference in this week's copy of The Grocer. Afraid we'll have to disappoint on that score, but as a consolation, we do quote Hamlet in the first paragraph of this week's leader. Grocery's a profound industry, sometimes.
James Ball, Senior Reporter, The Grocer

Aaargh! In the time it took for me to type my all-time best caption in, you closed the competition. It was a guaranteed winner too, and now you'll never know.
Kaylie, Runcorn, UK
Monitor Towers: You snooze, you lose.

Abby (Thursday's letters): I believe I can help you. As any Geordie knows, there is a distinct difference between poor and pour - poor is pronounced correctly with two syllables, thus: poo-ah.
Kahla, Leeds, formerly Newcastle

Abbey, it's a northern thing. Poor is pronounced like poo with an r on the end, pour like door. My wife and children, who are Cornish, pick me up on it every time I say it. Every single time. Poor also rhymes with moor but obviously not with door or floor.
Paul I, Cornwall (formerly Middlesbrough)

Why is there an option to complain about every comment made on this blog? It is a sad state of affairs when you are so scared of causing offense that you make it easier to complain. People cannot expect to go through life without coming across something they might not agree with and they should learn to live with it.
Nick, Salisbury, UK

'Rude' French are worst tourists: one for 10 things we knew last week?
Basil Long, Nottingham

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