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15:35 UK time, Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Paper Monitor is being a little harsh on Peter Andre - it's obvious that the rhyme is on the 'oo' sound not the 'er'. How about giving him some kudos for not being obvious? And shouldn't you men stick together at difficult times like these?
Kaylie, Runcorn, UK

"Boy aged 12 did not father baby". Neither did girl aged nine, grandfather aged 82, or giraffe age six. Is that news too?
James, London, UK

Did anyone else feel duped by the story stating that a skydiver survived a 6000ft fall without a parachute? What was that large parachute shaped object strapped to his back then?
MCK, Stevenage

I have four speakers going spare in my loft if the House of Commons is interested.
Steph Yates, Reading, England

Although incorrectly using football pitches as a unit of length (shouldn't they be reserved for area), this article impressively uses aircraft carriers as a unit of weight, as well as the more traditional unit of height; Nelson's Column.
Colin, West Lothian, UK

David, Monday's Letters, it's 42. Next question?
Clare, Turnford, Herts

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