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15:58 UK time, Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Re MPs to repay swimming pool claims. Surely instead of repaying money to the Commons for it to be wasted on something else, the better solution would be for each of the MPs who has made an outrageous claim should be forced to pay the money to a community project and volunteer their time to its implementation. A sort of self-imposed community service order. That way the money will be usefully used, benefit the communities and teach the MPs a valuable moral lesson.
Tom Webb, Epsom, UK

In the interests of froth reduction could I please request that from now on, any story on the BBC regarding the expenses issues redirects first to this page.
Owain Williams, Regensburg

MPs 'claimed for swimming pools'. Speaker angry over leak. I should think so too.
Chris, Newbury

Why on earth would an MP in Peterborough want a swimming pool anyway?
Basil Long, Nottingham

"A study of more than 2,000 female twins... 2,035 participants" How can there be 2035 twins, an odd number?
Jaques Botha, South Africa

Re pulling the plug on Katie and Peter (Paper Monitor). So much for stable relationships. Who gets custody of the horses?
Candace, New Jersey, US

I love the word "could" in the headline Swine flu could hit one in three, much like the way I could be a millionaire next week or Liverpool could win the league. Both are possible but neither make very good stories. More scaremongering over a threat that barely exists.
Dave, London

When somebody sneezes in the office, everyone says bless you - but I'm never sure what to say when somebody has a bit of a cough. Does "bless you" count for that too? As a child I think I used to say "cough you", but I think that may have been a 10-year-old thing.
Danny, Amersham

I recently underwent some tests at local hospitals. I was disgusted that some people used the toilet facilities and then left without washing their hands. Obviously the inside door handles could be a breeding place for germs. Can readers think of a workable solution of how to open the door without risking contagion? Outwardly-opening doors might cause more accidents to passers-by.
Bill, Liverpool, UK

Just in the process of teaching my daughter to read, and realised that I have not seen the word "shan't" in writing since I was about six. And the weird thing is, the more you look at it, the odder it seems.
Rachel, Minnetonka,USA

In picture 8, Tomos looks like he is going to eat Mathew. Why did the expert not pick this up?
Nicola, Bristol, UK

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