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15:51 UK time, Friday, 23 January 2009

On reading An outrage that appalled a nation, I discovered a word that makes perfect sense but no-one seems to use any more. Does anyone know when we stop saying "forenoon" and replaced it with "morning"?
PS, Newcastle, England

To Richard (Thursday's letters), how is it a split infinitive? He's using the first person, not the infinitive.
Claire, London

Oh, Richard. Such wilfully old school pedantry... There's no such thing as a split infinitive in English, as has been ackowledged by pretty much every grammarian for the past 100 years. I suspect many of the 1.5 billion listeners would have been quite content with the perfectly clear meaning of the "official" version.
Dom, London

The RSC are a bit slow off the mark with The Italian Job. Most of us had already worked out this solution. I'd have just left the engine running to drain the tank, that's my only difference. Now if only the Magazine had run this competition we'd have got the answer long ago.
Pete W, Taymuilt, UK

Re the quote of the day: Why are oligarchs always Russian? Why can't we have any British oligarchs? What do you have to do to be an oligarch anyway? if it's just a matter of being worth squillions, how come Bill Gates isn't an oligarch?
Adam, London, UK

Have I managed to spot NME and Empire journo Angie Errigo contributing to yesterday's letters? Isn't getting journos to write for you for free a bit of a coup?
Kat Fiction, Wellingborough, UK

Michael Andrews (Thursday's letters), I asked myself the same question last week in Malaga where I paid two euros [for a ticket].
Maureen, Glasgow

Re this, will it be called BlessYouTube?
Ruaraidh Gillies, Wirral, UK

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