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15:37 UK time, Tuesday, 20 January 2009

I'm not sure that it helps with the whole Left Bank Two theme tune debate, but my grandad was the security guard who appeared just before the Gallery on Hartbeat - I think he fell asleep or something. I was chuffed at the time because it was my favourite program, but now I can't remember the gallery theme at all.
Sarah, London

Is this nominative determinism at its inter-species/machine best? Maximus the gannet was helped by... HMS Gannet?
Jennie F, Edinburgh

Was I the only one to read Olympic team for Forth crossing and think of swimmers or rowers, rather than engineers?
Simon Varwell, Inverness

Adam from Birmingham (Monday's letters) - ketamine is indeed not just a horse tranquiliser, it can be used on other animals (eg pets, farm animals) and humans as a tranquiliser or analgesic. It was first synthesised in 1962 by a doctor searching for an alternative to the anaesthetic PCP. What exactly is the myth element here?
Rebecca, Hastings

According to this story, "Some 10,000 years ago, the red squirrel had Britain to itself but in 1892 a pair of American grey squirrels were released into the wild." So what was the predominant squirrel colour between 7991BC and (shortly after) 1892?
Caroline, Stuttgart, Germany

Mike (Monday's letters): all very well and good, but how do you suggest they take off?
Jordan D, London, UK

Another headline with so much promise that just fails to deliver.
Basil Long, Nottingham

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