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17:05 UK time, Monday, 19 January 2009

I must, as a percussionist, take offense to Paper Monitor's clear lack of a musical education. The instrument in Left Bank Two is a Vibraphone! I'm not sure which crime is more heinous; mistaking a Vibraphone for a Glockenspiel, or not noticing the fact that there is an article on this very fact in today's Magazine.
Ben, London
Paper Monitor responds: Formative memory I - The Gallery and its theme tune. Formative memory II - learning to play said tune on the Glockenspiel in school orchestra.

So Paper Monitor opens up the theme tune debate again... I always thought the gallery was more duuh, duh-dee duh duuh, duh-dee duh duh da-duuh...
Kirsten, Wandsworth, London

Re this story and this story, I wonder if the Noveltones had PRS chasing royalties above and beyond their initial session fee after Tony Hart turned Left Bank Two into such an iconic recording?
Martin, Bristol, UK

Having lots of competitive techno-geeks as friends, this headline excited me. I assumed it referred to a special "baffle" setting, which I could secretly enable before passing my phone to a friend, saying airily: "Here's my new phone. Bet you can't figure out how to use it."
Caroline, Stuttgart, Germany

Re 10 things, No 3: So that pretty much demolishes the myth that lightning never strikes the same place twice, then.
Adam, London, UK

In Friday's (16th) "1* Things" you referred to Ketamine as a "Horse tranquiliser" but this is a common myth that I don't think the BBC should endorse.
Adam, Birmingham

Re Quote of the Day, Vanessa Mae should get together with Dad - he complained if we didn't load the dishwasher, and complained when we did, but failed to spend the extra hour trying different arrangements of the mugs until we found the one that allowed one more to be squeezed in...
Alexander Lewis Jones, Nottingham, UK

Re this story, do they really fly the Union Flag the wrong way up at the South Pole (bottom picture)?
Tommy Scragend, Wigan

I propose a cheap alternative to the third runway at Heathrow. Since we now have proof that it's possible, all pilots of London-bound aircraft should be trained to land in the Thames.
Mike, Chester, UK

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