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18:46 UK time, Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I work in an office that has nine different nationalities amongst it staff. We have no Chinese or Americans, but nevertheless our combined national medal tally to date is 31 golds 26 silvers and 28 bronzes. That would put us second on the table. Isn't diversity in the workplace great.
al, Wellington NZ

Wouldn't the lady's job title in this article be a social behaviour co-ordinator?
Alan, Southampton UK

The commentator said during last night's sailing competition that the race was "an uphill challenge for Great Britain". I thought it was just plain sailing.
Dave Ranson, Durham

Oh Monitorites, oh Monitorites. When will the obsession with nominative determinism stop? There can, alas, be too much of a good thing. And the same goes for reverse nominative determinism. Can we put all such quests into abeyance for at least a short while?
David, Cheshire, UK

MM: Not just yet...

Nominative determinism at the Olympics (Juliet G, Monday Letters): Dylan Armstrong just had to be a shot putter. . .
Jessica, Enfield, UK

To Juliet G, London. I spotted Justin Spring in the USA Mens gymnastic team and Marina Alabau, the Spanish Windsurfer.
Jo, London

Re Juliet, London. I was wondering whether nominative determinism dictated not just choice of career, but also level of acheivement. Poor Emily Silver, the USA swimmer just missed out on gold.
Lottie, Ex-Merseyside

I was dismayed by the headline of your article on the man convicted of distributing child pornography via the Internet. Calling him a 'librarian', albeit in quotes, gives a totally wrong impression, and does a grave disservice to a profession which all too often suffers from a negative media image.
Elizabeth Bentley, London, UK

Ian of Winchester (Monday Letters) is quite right. I thought Ben Ainsley was magnificent in 'Ghandi', Bradley Wiggins was great in Coronation Street and of course, where would our early mornings be without Chris Hoy on the Radio 1 breakfast show? Household names all!
John Whapshott, Westbury, England

Headline: "Dragons' Den star slams Sir Alan". Quotes from said Den star about Sir Alan: "I like Alan Sugar. I think he's fabulous," Theo told the Radio Times. Oooooo Slammin'
Keith, Loughborough

Edward Green (Monday Letters). You think?
Sarah, Oxon

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